Our Story

The Team: Narges, Mazzy, Nikki

In her early 20’s, Narges and her daughter Mazzy immigrated to the United States with the ambitious dream of owning a business of their own. With her husband, she turned a small Persian restaurant into a major success. Watching firsthand what it takes to accomplish the work of an entrepreneur, Mazzy learned where successful businesses begin. From designing the restaurant to enhancing the homes of their friends, having an eye for design and the ability to decorate spaces has become a family trait. Mazzy’s closest friend, Nikki, has quickly become an integral part of the team through watching Narges’ hard work and striving to match it. For a decade, these three women have worked side by side, discovering a shared love for reimagining spaces and bringing life within four walls.

Combining knowledge, passion, and ambition, we hope to make an impact with the work we do. Our individual personalities melting into one unique team makes our work stand out. From the simplest of changes to reimagining an area, our fresh perspective may just be the one thing missing from your perfect place. We’re ready to help you see something new in what’s already around you.